Chief Information Officer

02/2013 - Current

I am in charge of:
- IT Strategy
- IT Service Management, Team Management
- Project Management (interns and externs). Collaborations with international partners
- Design of databases (LIMS, Custom Knowledge Database, Genes/Drugs Pathways,...)
- Database management (SQL et noSQL) and datas in the cloud
- Good practices in developments
- Planning & monitoring of IT team
- Workflows
- Network and security
- Business to Machine (PGM, PROTON)
- API & Webservices: MySql From/To BioIt (Python)
Analysis and development:
- of a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
- of an intranet / extranet (OncoSHARE)
- of the automatization of the laboratory
- of KDO (Knowledge Database of OncoDNA)
- of BioIT processes - Monitoring and optimization of the architecture and algorithms

PHP (CodeIgniter, Symfony) - Python - AJAX - JAVASCRIPT - JQuery - CSS - XHTML - XML - JSON

Analysis & Management:
Agile, Merise, entity-relationship model, UML, Gantt chart, PERT, OO Design.