IT manager

07/2010 to 02/2013

I am in charge of:
- BioIT/IT analysis and developments
- Organization of the IT department (Infrastructure)
- Conceptual and physical model
- Good practices in developments
- Planning & monitoring of BioIT and IT team
- Workflows
Analysis and development:
- of a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
- of processes automatization of the laboratory, the workflow, generation of quotes, worksheet, centralization of the documents (custom sharepoint)..
- of an "intranet" to manage NGS samples, runs, libraries, BioIT analysis,...
- of an "extranet" from customer to manage NGS datas
- of an "intranet" to generate Quotes. (WYSIWYG, HTML to PDF, connection to SugarCRM...)
Analysis and creation of the conceptual and physical model for the NGS Database (Next Generation Sequencing) & informations of BioInformatics
Analysis of DMS (document management system)
Analysis of BioIT processes - Monitoring and optimization of the architecture and algorithms
Business to Machine (HiSeq 2000, ROCHE 454, SOLiD 4 and 5500)
API & Webservices: MySql From/To BioIt (Perl, Python,...)
Helpdesk - Rack - Network management
Documentations ISO 17025

Programming: PHP - Python - Perl - AJAX - JAVASCRIPT - JQuery - CSS - XHTML - XML

Analysis & Management: Agile, Merise, entity-relationship model, UML, Gantt chart, PERT, OO Design.

DB: MySql

OS: Ubuntu - Debian - Windows 7

OTHERS: Django, SMARTY, SugarCRM, Agile software development, DBMain, Redmine, GIT, NetApp, HPC, ...

OTHERS DB: dbSNP, Ensembl, NCBI...